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Sync Table with InGlass™

Sleek flush edge-to-edge with perfect visual clarity and multi-touch functionality


U-Touch together with InGlass™ Technology offers market-leading touch performance and perfect optical clarity along with unique features such as pressure detection – at lower costs compared to other options.

The display is ideal:
  • for any heavy duty application
  • from control rooms  to  CAD/CAM
  • from medical review to professional conferencing
  • from creative multimedia design  to life size digital signage
  • Big size canvas
    with Ultra High Definition (UHD) guaranteed to capture undivided attention of spectators and viewers
  • Stunning “pixel-free” ergonomic viewing
    stunning “pixel-free” ergonomic viewing delivered by a Professional LED backlit S-IPS panel.
  • Reliable colour reproduction
    due to 10-bit colour performance with amazing viewing angles and hardware calibratable LUT for accurate imagepresentation.
  • Edge-to-edge, slim design
  • Reliable colour reproduction
    with up to 1000 levels of pressure  detection and from 2 to 80 multi-touch.


Pressure Detection

Windows 8

InGlass™ Touch Benefits
  • Sizes from 3” to more than 100”
    InGlass™ Touch can be scaled to support anything from 3” to 100”+ displays, covering everything from smartphones, all-in-one computers to large interactive whiteboards and tables.
  • Premium touch experience
    InGlass™ touch supports over 40 simultaneous touches with no parallax issues since the touch screen can be placed directly next to the LCD panel – zero airgap ZG™.
  • Excellent Viewing Experience
    InGlass™ Touch has no sensor grid in front of the LCD screen obstructing the image quality. This ensures a superior viewing experience with maximum transparency and no image quality degradation.
  • Pressure detection
    InGlass™ Touch natively supports pressure detection with over 1000 levels. 
  • Pen input
    The high accuracy and precision of InGlass™ Touch allows for passive and active pen input implementations.
  • Object shape recognition
    InGlass™ Touch can recreate what is happening on the surface of the screen in minute detail, providing the possibility to recognize objects and shapes to enable for example palm rejection.
  • Windows 8 certified
    InGlass™ Touch is certified for Windows 8.1 by Microsoft.
  • Flush and simple integration
    InGlass™ Touch is designed to support simple and slim integration with a completely flush surface enabling true edge-to-edge industrial designs with no bezel.
  • Low cost and low power
    InGlass™ Touch is ideal for consumer electronics products with both disruptive price points at high volumes and low power consumption while maintaining high performance and perfect optical clarity.
  • Designed for rapid product development

    FlatFrog’s developer framework and open API are developed to facilitate software porting to the multi-touch environment. All platforms are supported, such as Windows, Linux or OS X.
  • Glass or plastics
    The optically FlatFrog Touch technology can operate in both glass and plastic substrates.
  • Curved surfaces
    InGlass™ Touch works not only in different materials but also on curved surfaces, making spectacular and futuristic applications possible.

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