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New U-Touch PCAP Ultra Slim Touch Overlays

The U-Touch PCAP Touch Overlay Range is the perfect solution to turn your passive monitor interactive compatible with most commerical grade displays and monitors on the market, available in sizes up to 86″ diameter.

The PCAP touch technology gives not only a superb touch experience for the user, but includes edge-to-edge bezel-less glass front protecting the display and enabling efficient cleaning.

PCAP Technology enables finger, stylus and glove touch gestures, ideal for a range of sectors including presentation, training, interactive signage and industrial applications.

The touch screen is one of the most compatible on the market working with Windows (HID Compliant), Linux, Android and MAC operating systems, works with MAC touch gestures.

A host of interactive applications are available for download direct from the U-Touch website, or talk to us to discuss your requirements, we would be happy to include a suite of interactive applications with your purchase.

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