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World First Protective Enclosures for LED Walls

Air-cooled Service & Support System

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Key Features:

  • Ultimate flexibility –Any size*, any colour, any deployment, free-standing or integrated designs
  • Serviceable systems –Fast, one-man LED tile swap-out with roll-out system
  • Glass Protection System –Robust protection system for the delicate LED’s inside –ideal for public spaces
  • Pictorial brilliance –Bezel-less, high clarity and colours, extra wide angle viewing
  • Built-in Cooling system –Ensures correct operating temperatures
  • Multi-touch –32 Touch points for multiple users; smooth, accurate, high performance touch and annotation capabilities

*Up to the capabilities of the touch screen and glass included in the design.

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Protect LED and LCD Solutions in Public Spaces with the U-Touch Protective Glass Support System

U-Touch’s own Protective Glass System offers robust protection for the wall whilst ensuring there is no image degradation, outstanding image clarity, exciting colours and excellent wider viewing angles. The design includes an innovative cooling system to ensure the LED and LCD are operating at the correct temperature. Maintenance has been addressed by the inclusion of a roll-back system for easy access for swap-out. U-Touch is also able to manufacture Protective Glass Support Systems for any LED and LCD solutions including brands such as Samsung, Barco, NEC and LG. Whether the LED and LCD solution is already installed, or a new installation, U-Touch can design a solution for any size, wall mounted, free-standing or integrated solution.)

Why use U-Touch for your LED Projects?

U-Touch has been designing and manufacturing innovative bespoke solutions for many years, consistently pushing the envelope on technical capabilities and innovations. From inception to completion we can advise, manage and deliver on all aspects of the project including after care which is crucial part of ensuring the Multi-touch LED Wall is maintained to the highest standard. Any leading brand LED walls can be made Interactive or protected when in a public space using the U-Touch Protection System. It is not necessary for the wall to be interactive, the protection system is designed for both passive and interactive LED Walls.

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