PCAP Solution

U-Touch Capacitive

Key Features

Utilising PCAP touch sensors are designed to provide the highest levels of transmission, readability and unsurpassed protection against a wide range of physical threats. The touch sensors are accurate, highly dependable and have a rapid response time.

  • 10 independent touch points standard(up to 40 available upon request)
  • Enables rapid touch detection
  • Support for Windows 7, 8and Linux 3.5.1+ kernels (10 touch points)or 3.9.0+ (40 touch points)
  • Unsurpassed impact, vandal and scratch resistance
  • Ideal for public use and external applications
  • No drift, no recalibration required
  • Works with gloved and ungloved finger
  • Unaffected by moisture and surface contaminants
  • Increased reliability and life expectancy
  • Ability to create sealed designs that comply with NEMA 4, 12 and IP65 standards or higher
  • Output protocols available upon request fora variety of operating systems
  • Numerous customisable options, including screen printed borders and logos, anti-reflective treatments, thermal or chemically toughened glass, etc.

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