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LED Tile Touch Walls

U-Touch Interactive LED Touch Wall is quite possibly the most innovative, high performing large format touch product available in the marketplace. Capturing the audience with its visual excellence and creating memories with the touch experience, suitable for a variety of sectors including digital signage and corporate deployments, control and command,  medical,  retail and advertising. Available in out-of-the-box sizes up to 146” with wall mounted or stand-alone support systems enabling service access to the LED wall with air-cooling internal fan system and toughened glass protection system completes the solution.

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LCD Seamless Touch Walls

U-Touch is the leading supplier of LCD Seamless Touch Walls. Ranging in sizes out of the box up to 146”, and bespoke solutions up to 500”, a modular video wall can be built to any configuration. The Support system incorporates the ability to service the displays behind the toughened glass front end. The LCD Touch Walls are a cost-effective solution for any public space.

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High performance professional Interactive Touch Walls up to 146”

U-Touch are market leaders in the production of high performance professional Interactive Touch Walls, creating a huge impact in your office, foyer or public space. Complete out-of-the-box Touch Walls from U-Touch include professional displays from manufacturers such as NEC and Samsung, the stable, reliable and robust Infrared technology, toughened anti-scratch laminated glass for a smooth touch experience, and a stand alone or wall mounted service and support structure. Custom RAL colour and branding is also available on all Touch Wall products.

The stunning visuals of LED and seamless displays coupled with interactive software solutions transform the user into the futuristic world of interactive business and learning. Contact us now to discuss your Touch Wall requirements.

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