PCAP Touch Technology Explained


High Performance - PCAP touch sensors are designed to provide the highest levels of transmission,

readability and unsurpassed protection against a wide range of physical threats.

The touch sensors are accurate, highly dependable and have a rapid response time.

Expert Design – Years of knowledge and expertise goes into every U-Touch designed product.

Constantly striving to improve touch performance, the ultra-low-profile bezel

and 3mm glass reduces the parallax to virtually zero.

Infection Control – In the age of COVID-19, and the threat from viruses, contact surfaces

need to be disinfected to ensure safety and welfare of the users. The PCAP solution not only

works with stylus or gloved finger, but is also completely IP54 rated with a flush glass surface

that can withstand any cleaning solution and cloth.

If you would like to discuss your touch requirements with one of our experts, please contact
us at sales.enquiries@u-touch.co.uk or by phone on +44(0)1189401854.

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