Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

U-Touch UK – Headquarters 
The U-Touch headquarters is home to the key staff involved in Sales, Management and Logistics, also our Technical Support Team for the UK. Our demonstration Suite is also located here, convenient for London Heathrow airports, and direct train links to London Paddington.

U-Touch Poland – The Factory 
U-Touch manufacturing and integration is carried out in Poland in the 20,000 square foot facility outside Krakow. For 6 years, this location has been the centre for product Research and Development. In house designers are key to our custom solutions business, and the close relationship between design and production has won U-Touch business with the speed and accuracy of which the CAD drawings can be produced for the customer. The European Service and Support for U-Touch products is also carried out from Poland. A team of expert engineers visit sites, carry out installations and offer technical support for European installations.

U-Touch Inc – America 
Having had a presence in the US for some years, in 2011 U-Touch Inc was launched. Located in Philadelphia, all North & South American business is managed and supported from this facility.

U-Touch – Europe
Representatives for U-Touch exist in a number of key countries in Europe. As the company grows organically, U-Touch understands also the need for local sales and customer service, nowhere is this more prominent than in Europe, where the maturity of the touch screen industry varies country to country.

Worldwide Reseller Network 
U-Touch has a growing reseller network. A number of key dealers are being highlighted to encourage the growth and expansion to build a solid and loyal customer base. U-Touch is looking for Dealers and Key Dealers to represent the product and brand in locations across the globe. The flexibility and success of the U-Touch product opens up opportunities for resellers across many markets. A one-stop-shop for interactivity, U-Touch Dealers will be well supported by a dedicated Account Manager and a broad range of well researched off the shelf products and custom solutions. Use of our demonstration suite in the UK is available to all our dealers. To register your interest, contact us and your account manager will get in touch.

What are the benefits of LED Touch Screens?
Recognising the need to stay ahead with the latest in touch and display technologies, U-Touch now offer a comprehensive range of fully integrated LED back lit displays. Representing the next generation of screen image technology TouchLED displays provide huge benefits to the end user enhancing the quality, performance, aesthetics and more importantly, cost of Ownership which ultimately improves the “Return on Investment” for your installation.

TouchLED is the ultimate communication medium for applications including: control rooms, broadcast studios, 24/7 interactive public signage, education and training rooms, presentation environments, video conferencing, boardrooms, lobby and reception area. They are also ideal for integration into large format kiosks, totems and display/presentation furniture.

Benefits of TouchLED Displays

  • LED backlighting provides outstanding energy efficiency over other display technology
  • 30% to 40% energy saving on average compared with LCD or plasma technology
  • Professional grade display guarantees 24/7 around-the-clock performance
  • A real state of the art look and feel enhancing visual impact
  • Exceptional light weight streamline design makes the screens far more manageable to handle • Reduced depth of TouchDisplay expands opportunities for diverse and easy installation

Do you do demo and or evaluation units?
Yes we do. We’re proud to have a large demonstration suite at our Uk Headquarters in Berkshire where you are very welcome to come and view many of the touch products we do.

We have a range of Touch tables, walls and screens along with a selection of custom and ‘one off’ products. The Coffee is always on and the sun is mostly shining! Please give us a call to discuss an evaluation unit – we do offer these on a limited basis.

Do I need any special software to run my Touch Screen?
You do not need specially designed software for a U-Touch touch screen.
Our touch screens, tables and walls will work with anything Windows based and drivers for other operating systems are also available. Windows 7 and 8 are great for Multi user Touch products.

We are able to suggest some great software to add in addition to Windows that will further enhance your Touch Screen experience, and are also able to design custom content for your screen. Simply get in touch and we can chat through the options with you.

Free Consultation
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