Top 10 Features of an Interactive Display


We live in the times when it’s possible to access necessary information within seconds. We can use both desktop and mobile devices to make important decisions, surf the internet, and scroll websites. Interactive displays are gaining increasing popularity among various institutions, from big corporations to retail companies. What are the top features of an interactive display and why should you invest in this solution? Keep reading!

An interactive display – what is it?

In simple words, an interactive display is a tool that can be compared to a big tablet. It makes it possible to run meetings, share news, advertise products, display interactive office maps, or organise creative, and innovative conferences. Such displays are extremely versatile as they can be easily connected to various devices, either wirelessly or with the use of a cable. 

They effectively improve wayfinding and streamline everyday work. Therefore, many growing companies and institutions decide to replace traditional projectors and boards with these cutting-edge solutions that help to boost internal communication.

Thanks to interactive displays, corporations and retail companies can easily take their activities to the next level by engaging employees and giving them tools that facilitate work. 

Are you wondering if the solution is the right fit for your business? Let’s discuss the top 10 features of an interactive display!

Top 10 features of an interactive display

When talking about the advantages of an interactive display, it’s crucial to mention:

  1. Improved wayfinding – placing interactive displays in the lobby, hallway, or strategic locations in your company is a great way to improve wayfinding. Interactive office or store maps will help new employees and customers navigate the building and find what they are looking for.
  2. Security – interactive displays and touch screen tables are completely safe for users and can be configured by the administration or IT specialists working at the institution. As a company owner, you can keep an eye on each display to ensure that all confidential data is secure.
  3. Top-notch quality – this is one of the most important advantages that give interactive displays a competitive edge over traditional projectors. Modern devices can boast exceptional resolution, which allows them to produce a transparent, clear picture of high quality. Thanks to it, employees, customers, or conference attendees can look at the display from a distance and still see all the necessary information.
  4. Improved communication – while communication within a small company is quite simple, the task gets more challenging when your business expands. Ensuring good visibility and internal communication between your team members is crucial to keep the processes under control and avoid misunderstandings. Large-format interactive displays make the task easier.
  5. Streamlined conference check-in and registration – smart interactive displays enable user-friendly event registration. If you are fed up with managing all the conference check-ins manually, these devices can automate similar processes and make them more transparent.
  6. Compatibility with various devices and operating systems – interactive displays can be integrated with operating systems such as iOS, Android, or Windows. Thanks to it, there is no need to connect the device to a computer to access necessary content.
  7. Quick and simple product promotion – are you about to launch a new product or service? Interactive displays can help you with the promotion. They can act as a sort of billboard used to present your offer. With these devices, you can easily inform potential customers about the innovations, without spending a fortune on expensive advertisements. Just place them in strategic locations and wait for the effects.
  8. Cloud integration – modern interactive displays can be synchronised with cloud accounts which means that users can benefit from the devices from any place in the world. This way, employees are able to collaborate and share necessary content, regardless of their location.
  9. Cost and time efficiency – interactive displays don’t require additional elements like cables, or projector bulbs. This makes them more efficient and minimises potential maintenance costs. Additionally, displays allow to automate certain processes and reduce human input – thanks to interactive office maps you don’t need a receptionist that would direct guests and new hires. 
  10. Screen recording – employees, or conference members can access discussed materials at a later time. They don’t have to take notes during the meetings, as the content is available 24/7. This helps them contribute and focus on what is being said.

The takeaway

The top 10 features of interactive displays show that these cutting-edge solutions can significantly streamline the operation of various institutions, including stores and corporations. Contrary to traditional boards and projectors, intelligent devices are cost-efficient and user-friendly. If you want to modernise your organisation, improve wayfinding or advertise your range, LED video walls and interactive displays that are fully compatible with the most popular operating systems can help you do it. 

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