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U-Click with Modular Display Protection System (MDPS),

NEW from U- Touch is an exciting innovation which not only solves many common problems with traditional Interactive Video Wall design and implementation, but is a new touch screen system that simply ‘clicks’ together. The most notable difference in the construction is that there is no huge heavy piece of glass over the displays, eliminating diffculties with access and servicing.

The U- Touch Modular Display Protection System (MDPS), which not only protects the seamless L CD displays from damage, but also acts as a smooth touch surface for the user. Displays can be swapped out independently with an arm bracket system easing the traditionally difcult servicing issues.

U-Click consists of touch screen components of varying lengths, depending on the conguration of displays required, 3 x 2, 4 x 2, 3 x 3 etc., the touch screen can be manually constructed. This is a very simple and easy to use system. The shipping, and installation issues commonly associated with interactive video wall implementations are eliminated. The touch technology in U-Click is Shadowsense, a completely scalable and reliable solution for interactive video walls.

U-Click and MDPS systems can be applied for a myriad of applications, but are particularly suited to AV rental companies where diferent combinations of video walls are required and ease and cost of shipping and installation are paramount.

The MDPS system also applies itself to passive digital signage video wall installations, where the micro component system gives displays protecti on from potential damage due to exposure in public places where humans, liquids, objects are deemed a high risk to the vulnerable seamless LCD display.

U-Click with MDPS features & benefits

  • Any configuration of video wall displays
  • Easy click together touch screen
  • Reliable, durable multi- touch technology with Shadowsense
  • Fantastic visuals, 
  • Easy install, de – install and re- configure
  • Lightweight system, cheap and easy to ship
  • Invest in one system, buy extra components to build different configurations

Determined only by the make and model of the displays being used, extra touch components can be brought separately to extend a video wall configuration. The solution is so easy to install, de- install, ship and store, that the market for the interactive video wall will be wide open, lending itself ideally to digital signage applications and corporate installations in the top door of a skyscraper!

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