Use Touch Screen Displays to Get More Customers


Are you running a business and wondering how to attract new customers? Do you also want to establish even better relations with existing clients? Finally, do you pay attention to your brand’s image compared to the competition? If you answered YES to each of these questions, you must learn more about the benefits offered by touch screen displays.

The touch screen displays market ‒ what do we know about it?

Multitouch technology is growing in popularity. It is estimated that the global touch screen market will be worth over £71 billion by 2024. It is being used in stores and restaurants, public places such as train stations, and even medical facilities. So could your business benefit from it too? Definitely yes!

Companies that have decided to implement the touch screen displays confirm that they have managed to scale their business and acquire new customers. Touch screens make it easier to present offers, build customer loyalty and engagement, which we will discuss further in this article.

However, to attract customers with the help of touch screens, it is worth carefully verifying the market opportunities and choosing the offer of the company that has a high-quality equipment. In addition, its experience in implementing touch screen systems aimed at attracting customers is also essential. Then, in addition to the hardware and technology itself, you will also gain insight into the know-how and acquire customers faster. So, it’s worth opting for touch screens to increase your chances of generating higher sales and building your brand image as a leader in the industry.

How do you use touch screens displays to get more customers?

Humans are inherently curious and open to novelty. We have seen this in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interactive touch screens offer a completely new quality to the traditional shopping experience ‒ they not only provide customers with information about the offer but also support sales, build brand image or improve customer service.

Here are some examples of touch screen displays applications that support customer acquisition:

  1. Improved offer presentation

With the help of touch screens, the functionality of a product can be better presented to customers, and the benefits of buying it can be visualized more vividly and realistically, which appeals to people’s imagination and emotions.

For example: A touch screen display placed in a car showroom can serve as a configurator. Then, before the purchase, customers can choose the body color, upholstery and see the car equipped with the features they are interested in. This makes the decision easier and often convinces customers to buy additional accessories.

  1. Speeding up customer service

Time is money. In the age of universal access to information, consumers expect immediate service. With the help of touch screens, this is possible, as they support staff in their daily activities and make it easy to provide 24-hour service.

For example: Touch screens displays can be used to place orders in restaurants or to verify the availability of a product in the store. In this way, the customer service time is reduced, which translates into customer satisfaction and willingness to buy.

  1. Building customer loyalty

Acquiring customers is one thing, but retaining them and turning them into brand advocates is more complicated. Using new technologies, including touch screens, makes this task more accessible.

For example: On a touch screen display placed in your store, you can not only present products or services provided. You can also use these devices to sign up for loyalty programs or newsletters. Thanks to this, you gain valuable data. During the next interaction with the customer, you can send them a personalized offer, a discount coupon or a gift for their birthday.

  1. Increasing the accessibility of the offer

One of the advantages of touch screens is also increased accessibility, including for people with disabilities.

For example: People with visual impairments can increase the size of text and images on the screen or use voice technology that reads text aloud. On the other hand, touchscreens placed at the right height will meet the needs of people in wheelchairs. So, by investing in touch screens, you can eliminate the problems that people with disabilities face, expanding your customer base.

  1. Dedicated commercial offers

With the help of touch screens displays, you can create different types of promotional scenarios. Please remember that people are engaged by gamification and personalized offers.

For example: You can prepare a dedicated promotional offer only for people in the store. With the help of touch screens, you can also encourage customers to participate in a quiz with prizes. An attractive option is also the introduction of cross-selling and up-selling, presenting customers with products complementing those they have already bought. Touch screens give the possibility to get to know the product or service in a completely new context, which generally customers would not take into account.

Today, using touch screens displays to attract new customers and generate sales is easier than ever before. So, consider implementing such a solution in your business to reach an even wider audience with your offer.

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