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U-Touch capacitive PCAP

Utilising PCAP touch sensors are designed to provide the highest levels of transmission, readability and unsurpassed protection against a wide range of physical threats. The touch sensors are accurate, highly dependable and have a rapid response time.

  • 10 independent touch points standard(up to 40 available upon request)
  • Enables rapid touch detection (
  • Support for Windows 7, 8and Linux 3.5.1+ kernels (10 touch points)or 3.9.0+ (40 touch points)
  • Unsurpassed impact, vandal and scratch resistance
  • Ideal for public use and external applications
  • No drift, no recalibration required
  • Works with gloved and ungloved finger
  • Unaffected by moisture and surface contaminants
  • Increased reliability and life expectancy
  • Ability to create sealed designs that comply with NEMA 4, 12 and IP65 standards or higher
  • Output protocols available upon request fora variety of operating systems
  • Numerous customisable options, including screen printed borders and logos, anti-reflective treatments, thermal or chemically toughened glass, etc.


The touchscreen is divided into an X-Y matrix of sensing cells, using an array of embedded 10μm copper electrodes, which are near invisible to the human eye on the powered display. These electrodes are connected to a controller board and a charge is applied to the array.

When a finger or conductive stylus approaches the surface of the sensor, a change in the charge is detected in the nodes immediately beneath adjacent cells; the position is then determined by the controller and firmware combination. Unlike conventional capacitive systems the active component of PCT™ is embedded behind the front substrate, ensuring protection, long life, and stability.

The sensors can also be mounted behind and operate through a further sacrificial glass layer for ultimate levels of protection.

The unique sensing characteristics of PCT™ sensing eliminates the need for an operating force, providing users with the same levels of touch sensitivity experiences with the latest smartphones and tablet PC’s but on a much larger scale, and in any environment or location.


ZYTOUCH® touch sensors are proven to meet today’s demanding requirements for public access human machine interfaces, such as ATM’s, ticket machines, medical displays, industrial displays, pay-at the-pump gas machines, and interactive kiosk systems.

The touch sensor is uniquely durable and dependable, the construction protecting the sensing elements against damage caused by moisture, heat and even vandalism. The ZYTOUCH® touch sensor is the most robust touch sensor based on Zytronic’s embedded Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™).

Zytronic’s Multi Touch PCT™ products meet the latest requirements for multi touch and multi user interactivity, while still maintaining the ultra high levels of durability Zytronic’s products are known for.

The controller has been designed to function seamlessly with the latest operating systems supporting multitouch and application software packages such as NUITEQ’s Snowflake, Omnivision’s Omnitapps and Touch Tech’s LIMA.

They are the perfect choice for digital signage, gaming and entertainment, touch tables and outdoor information stations.

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